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Here’s the footage from the Turkish CNN broadcast (cw: thuggery)

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don't think gaben deserves any more protection from covid than the general public

I think gaben deserves the world’s sickest powered respirator with RGB lights and holographic Team Fortress 2 unusual hat visual effects.

Glad to hear the court will require N95s at least.

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It is brutal, just incredibly sad. Israel’s military has a long history of weaponizing disability, as you may know, and it’s been illuminating to examine that further.

When you’re ready, the excellent disability-focused podcast Death Panel offered some insights I had never encountered elsewhere. Please listen to the following episodes on SoundCloud or wherever you would like. I hope they can offer some solace and empowerment.

Public Health and Palestine with Danya Qato

Body Politics with Jasbir Puar

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Any latecomers to the thread are heartily encouraged to skip this comment section, stretch, relax their neck and shoulders, and drink some water.

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They sure are strutting right up to the reigning world champions of effective street protest and sticking their chins out, aren’t they?

(Your username makes me hear the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer Krogan blood rage laugh, by the way)

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Brazilian jiu jitsu seems like a hilariously bad choice of core discipline for these assholes, in every way other than popularity amongst shitheads.

  • Rather crap on asphalt, useless in groups

  • Cops often have at least enough combatives training to neutralize techniques if grappled

  • Demographic guarantees highest proportion of scumbags blacklisted from other gyms. They’ll be thinking they’re in a Pahlaniuk novel and refusing to tap out when defeated, fake tapping, leaving chokes on too long, or snapping a locked bone because they’re angwy

  • Paper bag testable fashy instructors are gonna be subpar, and members will seek to train with other gyms for access to legitimate BJJ competitions. Some proud sons of the South are gonna get manhandled by gentle-spirited IT professionals, petite women, and roided out beefcakes who warmed up listening to the Gypsy Kings.

It will break some Nazi brains to experience homoerotic submission at the hands and heavy hips of people with better politics and bigger meatier love in their hearts.

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Note also that in the only gospel where the whip is mentioned, the construction of the weapon is premeditated. He didn’t just grab some leather strips off a table and start swinging; the action in John 2:15 starts specifically when he has made a φραγέλλιον, phrageillon in Greek, more famous in Latin as the flagellum.

φραγέλλιον phragéllion, frag-el'-le-on … a whip, i.e. Roman lash as a public punishment:—scourge. source

A different Greek word is used for ‘whip’ elsewhere in the New Testament; this one only occurs here in John, and in Matthew and Mark to describe the particularly Roman whipping Jesus receives later on.

Anyway, a flagellum is basically a cat o’ nine tails, and has either a braided leather handle or a heavy stick attached to cords with knots. Making one takes a while, and one worth using to drive out the cattle is going to take some chunks out of a moneychanger. Fancy Roman flagella that feature later on in the scripture had hooks and chains, and were sometimes gladiatorial weapons. Castlevania shit.

This has been your regularly scheduled moment of the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There you go.

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>no secondary grip

>snath doesn’t match his wingspan

>weird handle wrap prevents solid handhold

>blade too dull for mowing down even the Dilbertiest peons

Only business this amateur’s gonna be reaping is overtime pay for a physical therapist.

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Not a lawyer, but they’d be sticking their head into the teeth of California’s COVID-19 Prevention Non-Emergency Regulations. This batch took effect in February 2023 and are authorized for the next two years. Don’t know about Oregon.

From the Cal/OSHA Title 8 regulations:

§3205. COVID-19 Prevention. (f) Face coverings. (4) No employer shall prevent any employee from wearing a face covering, including a respirator, when not required by this section, unless it would create a safety hazard.

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