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Yeah, and the mop & bucket in the corner of one of the photos... I hope they had fun with that story! Interesting that it was written by a woman reporter.


The theater, which closed its doors during the pandemic, has had its reopening date pushed back

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PHANTOM THREAD in 70mm - American Cinematheque (www.americancinematheque.com)
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New Year's Eve - 5pm - Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

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Too young for ‘The Graduate’? Too old for John Hughes? Your cinematic touchstones might be as quirky as mine.

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A Boomer here, and I'm finding these comments to be very interesting--mostly because I'm realizing I agree in many cases! Far from prudish, just last night I fast-forwarded past the sex scenes in the first episode of a new streamer series. "Yeah, yeah, I get it...you're hot for each other. Can we move it along, please?"

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Anyone know if things like uBlock Origin already handle this? 🤔

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I'm loving the transparency around here. 👍

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Looks like the .apk is available on github?


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I always liked his character--and felt bad for him when he got busted.

None of my female friends liked the character tho. Was Pee-wee a "guy thing"?

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Just looked it up: 11 years.

I was very proud of "my" sub over there (sole active mod and most consistent poster). 11K+ subscribers and personally acknowledged by the author of a recent book on the subject of our sub.

Something died in me just before and during the blackout. I haven't posted anything over there since, and of the 11K subscribers, it's possible NONE of them followed my migration to the Fediverse where I set up an equivalent "official" sublemmy.

Once you know what you know (at least for some of us), it's just not the same participating in that space any longer.

I keep an eye on the place out of respect to...something. (I feel like I cleaned the place up nicely, and really raised the level of discourse.)

I guess I was naive in the extreme to think that at least a couple of hundred of the faithful would follow me over here? I don't do it for the numbers, but there is something gratifying watching your community grow.

At this writing, the new sub has double-digit followers! ;-P

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One of my favorite things about it is how often it's updated. 😎

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Yeah, I'm gonna need to see the paperwork on that....

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YOU'RE DOING GOD'S WORK, SON! Keep up the good work! 🏆

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