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[-] 2 points 23 hours ago

You should read how it works.

[-] 1 points 1 day ago

The DEA literally gets funding based on arrests and that’s without oversight. Hmm.

[-] -1 points 1 day ago

And yet how many stories like this have we seen this year? A state legislator was arrested over this as well.

[-] 2 points 1 day ago

Where’d I say that they weren’t responsible? I’m saying I can see how it could happen. It’s unclear why this bothers you.

[-] 1 points 1 day ago

I don’t have or want a gun. I think they are stupid. I’m just saying that I get how it could happen.

[-] 2 points 1 day ago

And yet, this keeps happening so it may actually be difficult.

[-] -2 points 1 day ago

I agree that it's not. But adjusting what you do can protect you from this sort of thing.

[-] 2 points 1 day ago

I carry a pocket knife and a BIC lighter for utility needs. I have nearly forgotten to take out the pocket knife before leaving for the airport. I have also seen other stories like this, so I decided that my courier bag for travel is not the same one I use daily.

[-] 11 points 1 day ago

They traveled with their normal bag they go around with in regular life. Lesson: NEVER TRAVEL WITH THE BAG YOU CARRY AROUND DAILY because you will forget what's in there.

[-] 27 points 1 day ago

When you go into someone's house, you follow their rules.

[-] 103 points 1 day ago

How about the governors suggest that their residents don't travel internationally with ammunition?

[-] 4 points 2 days ago

This is pretty much exactly the same thing: a group of people observing the world change around them can't handle it so they are going to destroy as many lives as possible on their way to irrelevancy.

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