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Fair point. I rolled the dice and have been happy with this one, but you're right on both accounts. StarTech is a trusted brand and $20 is pretty affordable.

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Don't pay almost $20 for just a cable, pay $3 for this. it's an enclosure you can put your 2.5in sata drive in to connect it with usb3. I have several, work like a charm

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If you deployed with docker composr you just change the image and hit redeploy. Super simple.

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Why not switch your registration to cloudflare. They are awesome as long as you want to use their DNS.

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I too would like to know the difference between the two.

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Sure wish there was an easy way to do this with Lemmy.

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Just configure your outbound SMTP to use sendgrid or some other. SMTP provider. I realized this isn't 100% self housing then, but you could still self host the inbound mail. Self housing outbound SMTP just isn't worth it for most people IMHO due to spam lists.

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Does lol like the prices have gone up a tad, but I just looked and could still pick up a Wyse 5060 with 8gb memory for about 33 USD shipped. Doesn't seem to include power supply or ssd so add about $10usd each for those maybe $55 or so.

Can't say what prices are like in Europe tho.

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Thin clients off eBay. I picked up a Dell Wyse with 8gb memory, 4 cores, 16g emmc, and a 256G M.2 SSD for about $40. Includes the case, power supply, power button, etc. Still uses very little power. Install the x86_64 version of dietPi on that and it's been Rock solid running my docker projects.

Also picked up and HP T620 with similar specs. Haven't started using it yet but I expect similar results.

Much better deal than RPi and for most use cases equal or better able to do the job.

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Leprechaun in the hood

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Great for daily mindless scrolling.
Still has a ways to go before it's as useful as reddit was for searching for specific information tho.

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