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there's some stuff image generating AI just can't do yet. it just can't understand some things. a big problem seems to be referring to the picture itself, like position or its border. another problem is combining things that usually don't belong together, like a skin of sky. those are things a human artist/designer does with ease.

[-] 6 points 2 days ago

i wonder who will bomb it first. not joking, i really have no clue. it's wild down there. anything can happen

[-] 22 points 2 days ago

i was debugging assembly even before i got reincarnated

[-] 6 points 2 days ago

Sorry, still looking. 30 years.

[-] 13 points 3 days ago

the shred command in Linux tries to do this, but it may not work if the hardware moves rewritten data blocks around to mitigate wear.

[-] 18 points 6 days ago

I love that idea. Quick, tell Putin and Bibi!

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So did most of the voters, but he was able to get support of enough right wingers to stay in power. He desperately needed to, because there are lawsuits against him, which he can avoid while being in office.

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I wonder if they will keep an empty chair to remember them.

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In my region it's different. If you don't have a spot configured to drop it off, they will ring and wait. But if there's multiple recipients in the building, they will ring all of them at once, then distribute packages from the elevator to the people waiting on their levels.

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at the moment we have to accept we can't please everyone. if people bully maintainers, they can gtfo and fork. same if you get bullied by maintainers, just fork and forget. maybe join with likeminded people if it's too much work.

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yes, 11th of May. y u ask?

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this is to prevent you open the door for a fraud telling you he has your package. it's a safety measure.

i think uber does this as well.

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