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Every opportunity where diversity can grow is a good one. I'm glad they will try to build national alternatives to a US dominated market, which is never a good thing. They'll probably be cheaper which is a good thing keeping in mind the Steam Deck is expensive unless you live in the first world.

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Yeah, like the space war where the US fascists won, oh right the Soviet Union was ahead on virtually everything except the Moon landing.

At least don't make it sound like it was one sided, the Anglo empire did the same shit for propaganda as the USSR, it was just another kind of propaganda, a bourgeois one.

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I tried to read you in goofld faith but the moment you basically said the dev shouldn't be able to have a side project, or a life for that matter, because they should be working for you to get the feature you want is unforgivable. It is libre software, you are free to contribute and add it yourself. Value others' work, you entitled fuck.

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And what about installing this plus Jellyfin or something similar?

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The US wants its ass kicked, lol.

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It's not about the money, it's about principles.

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It always has been.

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There are Iraqi civilians inside the trolley.

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Afaik you just email him and he will give you one it is not like they are overwhelmed with people.

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It is amazing how copos try to reinvent shittier versions of trains.

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And the reason is the US coup'ed every single one of those experiments.

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Socialism is the stage previous to communism when there's a State in which the proletariat is in power, the purpose of the State is to use its repressive forces by one class over the other to oppress them and keep them in place, capitalism (also called the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie) has the bourgeois as its ruling class and oppresses the proletariat, socialism (also called the dictatorship of the proletariat) utilizes the State to oppress the bourgeoisie until global socialism is achieved, on that point on class society is abolished and the State is dissolved. This late stage is what we call communism.

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So now that Lemmy and the community overall are getting a lot of attention, with /c/memes being one of the biggest communities across instances, I think we should be a bit more strict about certain things.

I'd like your opinion, though. What do you think about a rule about only allowing images, and that such images need to be uploaded to Lemmy instead of linking to something like Imgur. I think that text and videos are a better fit for some other community (at least until we get something where we are able to play videos within Lemmy).

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In my opinion the only good thing it does is to create copies of already existing communities, so basically people tend to follow one community or the other and it divides the people who could be active.

If you want to create a community that's similar to one and for some reason you don't want to be a part of it, find another name, if you can't find another name, create your own instance. So if Lemmy is federating now we could have /c/worldnews, /c/world_news, and the same applies to every other instance that decides to do the same. In my opinion this only segregates people.

The same applies to uppercase letters, which Reddit uses but luckily Lemmy does not, imagine how many copies of a community could be created if you use both.

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