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Color can provide useful context. For example, in the case of this image, imagine if in a thread about it there was some discussion of the ripeness of the yuzu fruit.

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Mattermost isn't e2ee, but if the server is run by someone competent and they're allowed to see everything anyway (eg it's all group chat, and they're in all the groups) then e2ee isn't as important as it would be otherwise as it is only protecting against the server being compromised (a scenario which, if you're using web-based solutions which do have e2ee, also leads to circumvention of it).

If you're OK with not having e2ee, I would recommend Zulip over Mattermost. Mattermost is nice too though.

edit: oops, i see you also want DMs... Mattermost and Zulip both have them, but without e2ee. 😢

I could write a book about problems with Matrix, but if you want something relatively easy and full featured with (optional, and non-forward-secret) e2ee then it is probably your best bet today.

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Tell me you didn't click either link in my comment without telling me you didn't click either link

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FICO is just one of a multitude of scoring systems which impact people's lives in the US today.

You and your friends' social media activity, among numerous other things, can absolutely affect your ability to get a loan, a job, a rental contract, etc.

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It only became legal in New York in 2022. Perhaps today most people in the US do live in states where it is legal, but that doesn't mean they live near a theater that actually does it. This article from a year ago says the largest chain, AMC, has a bar in the lobby of 300 (of their 593 in the US, according to wikipedia) locations but that some of them don't let you bring a beer into the theater. The second-largest chain, Regal Cinemas, was only serving alcohol in 80 of their 511 locations as of last year.

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The basis of this joke is the Simplified-vs-Traditional character sets for Chinese languages, but, there actually is a thing called Basic English which is sometimes called Simple English and which is used on the Simple English Wikipedia.

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Meanwhile, people at many/most movie theaters in the US:

"You Guys Are Getting Paid" meme with caption "you guys are getting beer in movie theaters?"

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image descriptionAn infographic titled “How To Write Alt Text” featuring a photo of a capybara. Parts of alt text are divided by color, including "identify who", "expression", "description", "colour", and "interesting features". The finished description reads “A capybara looking relaxed in a hot spa. Yellow yuzu fruits are floating in the water, and one is balanced on the top of the capybara’s head.”


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no, it's because the basis of your joke is elder abuse.

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today is the deadline for the United States to provide diplomatic assurances to the High Court of the UK prior to the next hearing on May 20

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the two genders (of the late 20th century) (
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very upsetting (
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captiona screenshot of the text:

Tech companies argued in comments on the website that the way their models ingested creative content was innovative and legal. The venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which has several investments in A.I. start-ups, warned in its comments that any slowdown for A.I. companies in consuming content “would upset at least a decade’s worth of investment-backed expectations that were premised on the current understanding of the scope of copyright protection in this country.”

underneath the screenshot is the "Oh no! Anyway" meme, featuring two pictures of Jeremy Clarkson saying "Oh no!" and "Anyway"

screenshot (copied from this mastodon post) is of a paragraph of the NYT article "The Sleepy Copyright Office in the Middle of a High-Stakes Clash Over A.I."

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