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There is no such onus. If you don't want to go through a paywall, feel free to find an alternate source.

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As this community continues to grow, we are noticing periods of time that moderation isn't as responsive, due to most of the moderators being asleep at that time. If you want to help us, and live in Asia/Asia Pacific/Australia/New Zealand area, please comment here that you're interested, why you think you'd be a good fit for the team, and anything you'd change if you were picked.

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3 deputy U.S. Marshalls killed. 8 total officers wounded/dead. They were serving a warrant against someone having a gun that isn't allowed to. 1 accused dead. Others in custody.

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I use Pop! OS Linux. Seems to work pretty well for me.

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Bad response, but not a racial slur - means idiot Cajun.

Restored, but take your downvotes

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This is how I see it

It appears they edited the title a number of times. First title was "Israel-Hamas war: How an aid convoy in Gaza became Israel's target"

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Just checked. it does match. They are using the new title. AP changed the title post-publishing, but failed to change the header title.

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Our rules are clear. We remove all content that is reported if it breaks our rules. That means I've removed some comments by you, as well as ones against you. Just because you would rather we kept things you agree with up, that doesn't mean we are performing "censorship to serve an agenda"

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As a mod at ! , I appreciate the positive call-out!

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Nope. You did great. Our rules state that a post must contain a link to an article. Keeping the video as primary, and adding a link as the comment suffices. We usually don't give the warning, but I felt that your post added good context for the news surrounding the breaking news.

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Usually, this would be deleted for not being a news article.

OP, please link to the link below, and I'll let it stay.

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OK. You're both behaving like kids. Stop it, please, or I will be forced to enforce the rules on this whole flame war, which will result in 3 day bans for both of you. I really don't want that.

FYI: when you both go this far down the rabbit hole, you both lost.

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