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So if I own a cafe and I have an open mic night and some guy gets up yelling racial epithets and Nazi slogans, it's their right to be heard in my cafe and I am just censoring them by kicking them out?

As the one with the administrative power, should I put it up to a vote?

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Why is it my job to tell Israel how to not commit genocide?

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How many children in Gaza should be killed in the name of fighting terrorism? Let's have a number or a percentage.

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It's not that she isn't interested, she just can't see the place to sign on the bills with all that smoke in her eye.

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Where in the article did it say that happened?

[-] 1 points 1 day ago

You absolutely did not answer it. That is simply a lie:

So please tell me what I decided for others and when I decided it.

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And your considering people to be of lesser value than yourself is noted. I'm sure you'll be a help when the genocide comes.

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I think people have a right to be heard

You are wrong. You have no right to a voice on a private platform.

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Yet again, what did I decide for others and when did I decide it?

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What is my value as a person?

And your question makes absolutely no sense.

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Don't worry, VP Brain Worm laid eggs.

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Local governments... you mean the thing Uber hates and does everything they can to defy?


Those Silicon Valley geniuses have done it again!

Next week- "it's like the subway, but with AI!"

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I want to see the people coming into these threads defending the cops closing down these camps defend the cops arresting 2300 people.


Just jaw-dropping to me.

Official announcement with more information:

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I'm Jewish and have been told very angrily that I killed Jesus more than once. It's fun.


What they learned is, to me, much less interesting than how they learned it.

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I don't even know anymore...

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