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“these bots”: Yeah, you are being an asshole

I'm pretty sure he didn't mean his colleagues and is rather talking about the UiPath bots, it's an IT automation tool... 🤖

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If he's a contractor it's unlikely he'll stay there for too long. I'd bring up the improvements and potential gains (faster processing, ideally no more UiPath license costs) directly with your boss. If they're still not open to that then yeah I'd look elsewhere, because even as an IT automation job it just screams laziness.

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but some of these processes involve going through Excel files which can take these bots 10s of minutes, which can be done instantly in any scripting language

The key is being proactive. Have you tried suggesting that to them? Do a small POC with say a Python script and show them the difference on one of the Excel files, they're likely to like your alternative. They're likely to have poor data warehousing too and it could be an opportunity for you to shine and at the same time get to learn to do that for them from scratch.

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Oh sorry my bad, I read your post wrong. In my case the crashes do happen a lot since a few days ago.

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I can confirm these crashes on the latest version on a Pixel 7a running the latest Android 14 beta. The crashes happen systematically when I try to open a thread or my inbox.

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we have nVidia who clings selfishly to their proprietary blobs, and I can’t help but wonder how great it could be if they opened that up and let the community in.

Nvidia is doing that because they don't want people to deploy gaming GPUs in datacenters, and they can currently enforce that through their driver license. That license is what enables them to force most enterprise users to buy expensive A100/H100 datacenter GPUs and rack in really fat margins when a couple of RTX 4090 cards would actually be enough to do the job with good cost efficiency. The control that Nvidia has with that license is not something they're ready to give up and that's why they keep giving the middle finger to the FOSS community.

(before anyone mentions vast.ai as a counter-example, those RTX 4090 compute sellers are indeed breaking Nvidia's EULA)

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also Proton-GE with AMD FSR is basically just like downloading more FPS no matter which game you're playing

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Gonna fire the first bullet:

(I also use Arch btw)

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The OS won't matter much in the beginning, though it helps that you're already using Linux as you likely already have Python and GCC installed.

I don't think you need a better PC than what you already have if the only goal is to learn programming, so I'd spend that money on something else.

I'd suggest you go through Harvard's CS50 if you've never been exposed to computer science before: https://www.harvardonline.harvard.edu/course/cs50-introduction-computer-science . You can audit it for free, you don't really need to pay for the certificate (which IMO doesn't have much value at that level anyway).

Also, try to get into a computer science degree if you want to do that as a career, bootcamps and MOOCs are nice additions but will never replace a real degree.

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Cats would have already pushed everyone off the edge if the earth was really flat

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!catswithjobs@lemmy.world 🐱


He uses C++ and the SFML library throughout the course. He just uploaded the last lecture 3 days ago.


alternative copy without a paywall: https://archive.ph/k6qbD


The name is OpenLara (https://github.com/XProger/OpenLara ) and you can try out the WebGL build directly on your web browser on: http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/ . The web version works amazingly well on my Pixel 7a with touch controls (you have to click on the "go fullscreen" button) using Firefox as a browser.


I don't know if it's meant to be this way, but if my Lemmy browsing history is long, it will take many taps on the "Posts" button before I get to the sidebar with the list of communities I'm subscribed to.


An excellent talk by Timur about type punning, the UB weirdness that accompanies it and attempts at doing something similar with modern C++ without UB (which led to std::bit_cast and other proposals) while revisiting notions like aliasing and alignment.


archive.today link in case there's a paywall: https://archive.is/wzoFK

Angst is, indeed, palpable across the continent. From Britain to Italy, tensions have risen sharply. In the period between the Hamas attack and Oct. 27, Britain’s Community Security Trust, a charity, said that it had recorded 805 antisemitic acts, the highest number in a three-week period since it began reporting episodes of this kind in 1984.


In France, home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, antisemitic attacks have surged since the Oct. 7 attack, with 819 acts registered and 414 arrests made, according to Gérald Darmanin, France’s interior minister.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by AlmightySnoo@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

The new research, released by the UK-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) on Tuesday, found that in the three days following the attack, the absolute number of antisemitic comments on conflict-related YouTube videos increased by 4963% when compared to the previous three days.

Part of this surge can be explained by an increase in the number of videos focusing on Israel and Gaza published on the platform. But the proportion of antisemitic comments had still ballooned by a daily average of 247% after fighting broke out, according to the ISD.

EDIT: limited the excerpt to two paragraphs (rule 2)

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by AlmightySnoo@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

Fresh stars were painted overnight on the facades of several buildings in a southern district of Paris, an AFP journalist saw on Tuesday.


The Union of Jewish Students of France said they were designed to mirror the way Jews were forced to wear the stars by the Nazi regime.


Jacques Isaac Azeroual, a kosher butcher in the city's 19th district, which has a large Jewish community, said his customers had fallen by half.

"People are demoralised. They are scared of going out to shop," he told AFP, adding that he shuts an hour early and covers his kippa with a hat when he leaves for fear of aggression.

The government says more than 800 incidents of anti-Semitism were registered in France in the three weeks after the Hamas assault.

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In it, she appears stripped to her underwear, and her legs are bent at unnatural angles, while one soldier grabs her hair. People are also seen spitting on her body.

And some terrorist supporters here on Lemmy were trying to explain to us that they were just casually "transporting" the body of a dead woman and that they weren't doing anything disgusting with her. We all know what islamist terrorists do when they spot a young woman, to pretend that Hamas is any different from ISIS is to be completely delusional.

Palestinians will lose more and more support (mine already) as long as they keep shielding the Islamist animals of Hamas.

EDIT: also thank goodness for !world@lemmy.world, because others like !worldnews@lemmy.ml are run by terrorist supporters (see for yourself in their modlog: https://lemmy.ml/modlog/14788)

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