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Really, I recently watched the documentary on his life and wept manly tears.

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There's a lot of places where one could discuss the merits of politics of individuals, however not when discussing their funeral.

That's just common decency.

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Martyr ftfy

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BBC is the best. The broadcasting company that is, the other one is not my kink.

[-] Akasazh@feddit.nl 1 points 3 days ago

I know that story sounds fantastical and difficult to believe,

Well I didn't really doubt it, as it's way too specific to have been made up and it's fun to imagine, but with goggles on, lol. Thnx for sharing!

[-] Akasazh@feddit.nl 2 points 3 days ago

Exactly. Well.... not exactly as that particular story was very particular indeed.

But it was what I meant. I don't think the goggles will have the same effect, even you in your prime tauting them.

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No, no, he's inspecting the polish. As in they had their floors polished and he is the inspector. They have to do that as they have a lot of Polish employees.

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The Iphone was a good idea, though.

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They tickle our fancy

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Oeh twee keer gelijk, meteen een goede dag :p

Dat laatste vind ik eigenlijk niet goed, maar ik weet niet wat anders nog zou werken.

Ja dat is een rare puzzel, op de ene manier moet je de strijd aan kunnen gaan op een gelijk strijdveld, aan de andere kant is redelijkheid ook heel belangrijk. Dat is best een moeilijke puzzel om te leggen.

Anyway, dank voor dit onderonsje graag tot een volgende.

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Does he have any evidence of this accusation?

If you'd taken the time to read the article, this link is right there.


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By raising for the first time the idea of sending troops to Ukraine, the French leader "has taken a further step toward belligerence," blasted his rival Marine Le Pen, of the far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party. She accused him of "posing an existential risk to 70 million French people, and more particularly to our armed forces already deployed in Eastern Europe."

"You've been waiting for the first opportunity to remind people of your true loyalties [and] "show your true colors," retorted Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who had left the Paris Agricultural Show to attend the verbal joust. "When you read the investigations that are being carried out, [such as one published by the Washington Post on December 30, showing the RN's persistent links with Moscow], you have to wonder whether Vladimir Putin's troops aren't already in our country," he continued. "I'm talking about you and your troops, Ms. Le Pen."

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Ironically, this post is made by a bot.

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Ik denk een belangrijk rapport wat duidelijk een vinger wijst naar het structurele probleem. Helaas wat weinig media-aandacht, voor een topic dat zo belangrijk is.

Ik ๐Ÿœ ihe (feddit.nl)
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Na een droogte van 38 jaar heeft Nederland met Mathieu van der Poel weer een wereldkampioen op de weg. De Nederlander legde op het natte parcours de 271 kilometer tussen Edinburgh en Glasgow het snelste af

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