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[-] TheSpookiestUser@lemmy.world 19 points 6 months ago

The only thing I needed to see about hexbear is that the "official" post from their admins about their pending federation tried to both-sides the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying that "it may be justified". That alone is enough for me to never want to see them or anything from there again.

This is one more reason I'm sticking with lemmy.world as my instance of choice.

[-] Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de 2 points 6 months ago

Interesting, would you have the link to the post by any chance?

[-] freamon@endlesstalk.org 9 points 6 months ago

Not the person you asked, but I think the post they mean is this one

The Ukraine stuff is at the bottom. It says the statement is from their 'news crew' - if this means the mods of their News community, then they're not the same people as the admins, but it is an admin quoting them, I suppose.

(I've no agenda either way)

[-] Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de 3 points 6 months ago
[-] TheSpookiestUser@lemmy.world 3 points 6 months ago

Someone else got to ya before I did, but yes that is exactly what I was referring to.

[-] freamon@endlesstalk.org 18 points 6 months ago

Woah, meta-drama is the best drama.

Maybe this'll slow down all the 'how do I block an instance?' posts I keep seeing (although realistically, not).

A snippet I found interesting:

among all users that have been banned on lemm.ee for bigotry, the majority were actually not users from other instances, and in fact people with lemm.ee accounts. If we judge any larger instance only by bigoted posts that some of its users make, then we might as well declare all instances as cesspools and close down Lemmy completely

[-] Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de 5 points 6 months ago

Very interesting indeed

[-] Chickenstalker@lemmy.world 11 points 6 months ago

Kremlim propaganda is NOT leftist and hasn't been so since the 1970s. Putin is not a leftist. He is as far from the left as you can get without donning fashionable designer German uniforms and he probably does wear it in his dungeons. For some reason, tankies autostupidedly associate Russian = Communist.

[-] Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de 5 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago)
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