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Soft paywall, clean cookies or use Tranquility extension or read the cleaned text here: https://telegra.ph/News-outlets-turn-to-Reddit-as-Musks-X-descends-into-chaos-12-01-2

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Thanks to reddit becoming such a shitshow, it pushed so many people to lemmy. I know all this has existed for a while now, but with all the users now its really wonderful. Also many people likely wouldn't have known to come here if they weren't leaving reddit first.

Now, I was never that active in reddit and it probably had started to go bad even before I joined first time so I likely dont have enough context to properly compare, but so far lemmy has been so much better than I have seen reddit be even before it really started to go downhill.

I think lemmy will also be better than reddit could ever have been.

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As much as Reddit sux because of the company's policies or mod problems etc., Lemmy is equally as bad.

Shadow banning is rampant on both platforms for instance. The biggest problem is that the people in charge of subs, or the instances, are incapable of governing -maybe not the best word- and don't understand words. It's a complete shit show everywhere.

Where have all the edgy and factual comments gone? Victims to mod bias and their political leanings. In some instances, they don't understand what they are reading, or don't like it, and ban everyone and remove posts like they are getting paid for bigger numbers.

Wasn't Lemmy supposed to solve this problem?

shadowbanned (lemmy.ml)
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Left Reddit cause the shadowbanned me for no reason and didnt answer me for month and a half. Was there any chance that i could unban my account?

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How has it been for you? Do you get FOMO feeling sometimes?

I use Reddit less and less but haven’t fully quit yet. Always have this odd feeling of FOMO regards content.

Not only that, some subreddits haven’t migrated to any other platform unfortunately. Or they have but the content is very little compared to Reddits content.

Note - wasn’t sure where to post this. So if this wasn’t the right place, apologies!

The issue I have with Reddit - it’s full of hateful people and most content is just bots karma farming.

EDIT: Thanks for all the responses!

EDIT 2: Thanks for the ones that mentioned RSS-Feed. Just got it and it’s amazing. Still manage to only follow the subreddits that I like without crapads.

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What is this product, and what does it do?

Reddit Account Manager allows you to keep track of all of your accounts, subreddit subscriptions, and bookmarks—all in one place.

How does this product help me?

Reddit Account Manager acts as a database repository for your Reddit accounts, so that if and when you decide to delete your Reddit account, you have your accounts, subscriptions, and bookmarks all in one place. With Reddit Account Manager, you'll:

  • Know exactly when you created every account
  • Know how much post/comment karma each account has
  • Know when it's time to delete an account
  • Have all your subscriptions mapped out and ready to go for the next account you create
  • Save all your bookmarks, even if your accounts are long gone
  • Know when an account is active, deleted, or not created yet

Why did you build this product?

Despite many Redditors' desires to delete their account and start a new one, many refrain from doing so for multiple reasons. Reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • Losing track of the subreddits they're subscribed to
  • Losing bookmarks
  • Lack of data export functionality from Reddit
  • Time and effort in switching (and ditching) accounts

Why have multiple Reddit accounts, and why would I want to delete them periodically?

All of your Reddit activity is public. Over time, you become increasingly identifiable. By having multiple Reddit accounts designated to specific subreddits/interests, and deleting them after some time, you:

  • Maintain pseudo-anonymity
  • Subscribe to different subreddits across different accounts
  • Keep a low profile and mix up data

Which platform do I need to use Reddit Account Manager?

You can use it out-of-the-box with any the following:

  • Airtable
  • Baserow
  • Notion
  • Coda
  • ClickUp

Can I use this to store or migrate my Reddit data now that Reddit has killed third-party apps?

Absolutely, yep. You can (and should) use it however it works best for you.

Why did you make it free?

We all deserve privacy and to not be tracked all over the web. I knew this could bring value to every single Reddit user who wants to delete their account, start a new one, or simply keep track of everything you want to, so that if you ever do want to destroy your account, you'll be able to without worrying about losing track of it all.

And Reddit's recent decisions, Reddit Account Manager serves as a great tool to export your data and take it with you wherever you go next.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Thatiany Nunes. I hold a master's degree from the Department of Visual Contents at Dongseo University, South Korea. I am conducting a research study to understand the impact of the Reddit migration on Lemmy and its community dynamics.

Some of you might have already received a private message containing open-ended questions. However, I am now reaching out to extend a warm invitation to the entire community to participate in a short, multiple choice survey. This survey aims to gather your experiences and perceptions of the Reddit migration on Lemmy. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete, and participation is entirely voluntary. Rest assured, all responses will be kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for academic purposes.

Link to the survey:


This community was selected for this post due to its involvement in previous analyses conducted for my study. Mods, if this post violates any community rules, please feel free to remove it or contact me, and I will promptly delete it.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Your participation is greatly valued!

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(See screenshot. Posted in /r/gaybros on Reddit.)

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It is possible to estimate?

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I don't know why I decided to browse a popular sub today, r/books (logged out, I don't have an account anymore). Maybe I hoped I might learn something. As if! People make the absolute same posts over and over. Today I read a book! I read one page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I already know it's a masterpiece and the best book ever. I read 1984 and wow, just wow. I hate stickers in book covers. Audiobooks good. Actually audiobooks bad. I hate movie covers. The absolute same thing as yesterday, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years ago. May I remember this feeling next time I decide to browse Reddit again.

Why do old users put up with this? How can they even pretend that they haven't already read this stuff a million times before? Or are these subs 100% driven by new users and repost bots? The complete lack of new content is mind boggling.

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Infinity for reddit just died. Are there any other reddit (free) apps that still work? Is it still possible to compile infinity for reddit by myself, bypassing subscriptions? I just really dont want to leave reddit (yet) but im not so into it to pay for it. Sadly, these are propably my last seconds with reddit. From deepness of my heart, fuck you spez.

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Yes, I've read many posts the current state of reddit. But today, somehow I thought it can't be that bad if I just go looking for some funny videos.

Boy, was I wrong. This post was at the top of my feed, and briefly scrolling through the comments got me out of there without looking at anything else ☠️

Oh, well, I tried...

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A ddep dive review of the Reddit user interface by Peter Ramsay


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I havent been on Reddit in a while. I reduced drastically the amount of Reddit related content I watch, and gotta say, they helped me a lot a while back to recognize unacceptable behavior, and showing it to my bf was important in his development to recognize how abusive his mom was and taking steps to go leave her and go NC.

But when I listen to it now, it of just, obnoxious most of the time. Someone else feels this way?

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