Rp3b and casaOS (lemmy.zip)
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I installed CasaOS into my RP3 only to run Adguard home and syncthing. After installing them I couldn't get them to work.

For Adguard I figured out how to get to the dashboard and settings but I read that I should use it as "host" not bridge when I change to host I can't get back to the dashboard.

For syncthing I just never got it to open.

Is there another way to have these two apps on the RB3 ?

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I installed LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 4 yesterday and it's working really well, except for AV1 playback. The thing is, it's almost fast enough but the video stutters every few seconds and is a little slower than it should be. Is there a way to make it faster, by switching the decoder or enabling multi-core decode or something like that?

I found this decoder which might be what I'm searching for but I don't know how to make it work in LibreELEC.


Is there any difference from one another? I keep hearing that using chargers is absolutely a no-go and that power supplies are much safer and better overall. Do you guys confirm this?

Thanks in advance.


Currently have Pi4 4GB running emulation station quite well. Thinking of preordering 5 (4 or 8gb depending on advise from here) and getting into the Pi NAS game, should I swap them round or will I be happier with the 5 as the NAS?

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If you are like me and are currently waiting for your 5V 5A power supply and you have no display, you can still boot to USB by pushing the power button when the Raspberry Pi goes "solid green". What you are not seeing without a display is the warning about your power.

This allowed me to boot up to Raspberry OS Lite (64 bit) with no issues.

The referenced link does a good job showing you how to boot.


Hello guys! I have a single M3U file with couple of Internet Radio stations which I'd like to have playing on an RPi with a couple of speakers connected to a 3.5mm. I have a Home Assistant instance running in my local network and it would be perfect if I could control it via automations.

Does anyone have an idea what the best setup would be?

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I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into a good case design with heat sinks and a fan that also accommodates a HAT, such as the new M2 HAT. I'd love to run a Pi 5 with M2 SSD inside a case with a fan plugged into the PWM port. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Ideally it would look something like this, but be large enough for the HAT and somehow incorporate good fan placement for airflow.

This looks like an interesting solution to my question. It mounts underneath the pi, which means things like heat sinks and a PWM-powered fan would work fine. As long as there's a case that fits this type of setup, it looks like it would work great!

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HI Guys..

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B & I've been looking into using it with an AI image upscaler, to batch upscale images. I have yet to find any useful info, or to get anything I've tried working. Just wondering if anyone here would be able to offer up any thoughts or info.

Many thanks....

Things I've tried: esrgan, real-esrgan, ncnn, upscaly & beatmup.

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Can you recommend any screen video capture programs compatible with Wayland, possibly with Debian binaries? I'd like to use such a tool on my Raspberry Pi 400 under Raspberry OS Bookworm 64-bit.

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Wasn't the Raspberry Pi 5 supposed to start showing up in volume by end of October early November? Looking at rpilocator they are more like unicorns.

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As title implies. It's about to be 5 years old. Doesn't have a case. Runs 24/7 as a dns+adblock server, while (also) playing a live stream 24/7. systemd-journald is masked, and both cron/chrony removed. No stutter happens when the low voltage warning pops up tho.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm fortunate to live in Cambridge so my wife popped in to the store and picked one up for me. I forgot to ask her to get a case so that's an excuse to go back over the weekend 🤣

Raspberry Pi 5: available now! (www.raspberrypi.com)
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I installed osmc in onto my raspberry pi 4 in order to easily have a portable movie player station.

I know you can buy a remote that works with osmc but I was hoping to get my Xbox controller synced up with it via Bluetooth. At first I was having tons of issues getting it to even connect (my phone did easy enough.) I figured out that it didn't autoreconnect to the Wi-Fi network I had connected it to last time I used it, when I reconnected it the controller was able to sync with it no problem. Anywho I'm at the point where it's connected via Bluetooth, but the buttons do nothing.

Is there something I'm missing?

Edit: I installed Libreelec and it seems to work great.

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Clever little Python tool provides a constantly-updated text-based user interface (TUI) for GPIO pin status, by querying the RP1 chip.


Gonna check out @homeassistant on one of my @raspberrypi

They're sitting in my drawer not doing anything so I'm gonna try and build out my home network with them.

Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! (www.raspberrypi.com)
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android phone screens (lemmy.world)
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Hey all!

I have a question: I own a raspberry pi zero and and a few old android phones.

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect on of the screens to the pi?

If so, it would be just a great way to recover some electronics that is just collecting dust

Thanks! 🙏

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With the cost of SSD'S dropping I'm looking to retire my bulky, moving-parts server, which is in a mid sized computer tower with several multi terabyte HDD's.

It has been a little over 10 years since I did that build and it has served me well. It's on 24/7 and two of the drives precede the Thailand floods. All three drives lived in /storage and I used LVM to make them look like one giant disk to the rest of the OS/software (on Debian). >!Don't need redundancy and backup is isolated elsewhere, so I'd love to preserve the same storage structure so my configs can transfer over with fewer migration issues.!<

  • What are the limitations of using my spare RPi3B, at least in terms of storage capacity and number of drives?
  • Should I/can I use internal ssd's with USB adapters, in case I want to upgrade the board later and preserve the storage?
  • Will I be able to transcode on the fly via Plex/Jellyfin to stream videos away from home i.e. can the CPU handle that?

Keep in mind that this Pi would be headless, as is my current big box setup. Curious what the community's thoughts might be and if anyone uses their pi's in a similar setup!

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Ill keep it short and sweet, io have a pi4 that i tried to use for a couple of things and never really quite worked, whats a genuine helpfull thing to use it for? what system/program would be cool? multiple maybe?

how would an amateur that wasnts thing to just work that dont require an hour of commandline fiddling to work?

I tried a pihole, barely got it to work and never properly connected with the internet i tried retroarch, mostly worked but realized its way easier and more comfortable to use my main machine i tried funkwhale, never got it to install i tried invidious, worked on my main machine, never was able to connect via another machine on the pi (and with the program feeling a little in danger now i felt a lil iffy)

i request assistance and would appreciate it heavily, any and all alternatives, tutorials and help will be seriously considered

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