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Announcement from the Proton team on Reddit (Libreddit link):

Today, we’re increasing file storage limits on the free plan.

Instead of sharing 1 GB between files and email, you’ll now have:

5 GB for Proton Drive

1 GB for Proton Mail

Additional context: For Proton Drive, you now start with 2 GB and for Proton Mail, you start with 500 MB. After signing up for the Free plan, you can unlock the maximum storage allowance on each service thus:

You can boost your Proton Mail storage from 500 MB to 1 GB by completing four account setup actions.

You can boost your Proton Drive storage from the default 2 GB to 5 GB by completing three tasks.

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Signal Finally Rolls Out Usernames, So You Can Keep Your Phone Number Private

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I have no opinion and am just seeking clarification as an admin who occasionally gets complaints that I’m unsure how to address.


cc: @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml (the most active !privacy@lemmy.ml mod)

Edit to add an example edge case: DuckDuckGo is proprietary, but is anyone going to argue against its promotion?

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I just received a new Fire TV cube gen 3, because my old one is malfunctioning. I know, I hate these devices myself, but it's the only option right now, since a new version of the Nvidia shield isn't coming in the foreseeable future.

So, I plugged in the power chord and the HDMI cable into the cube.

When it booted up it showed a screen that it's downloading the newest update. At first I thought this must be some typo-bug on the initial boot steps, because I haven't even connected it to the internet yet, neither via cable nor did I go through the wifi setup.

After the update has finished, I was greeted with my real name and the cube indeed had the actual WiFi settings!

WTF?! How's that even possible?

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I have to use certain Microsoft apps for work, so I strictly only use the web versions as I am on Linux. However, just seen this setting pop up in Word while working on a document. I wonder what in specific they would change, considering i am on Firefox. Does anyone know anything about this? Is there an actual good reason for me to allow this, and if did what would it change?

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What do you think of this from privacy POV?

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New satellites that orbit the Earth at very low altitudes may result in a world where nothing is really off limits.

I want to rip out their eyes.

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Louis talks about a dildo rubber ducky but it ain't from hak5


Is it safe ? Does it do everything it says it do ? If so how is it popular yet ? Like does it have any catches or something ?https://f-droid.org/packages/org.briarproject.briar.android/

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Looking for the best FOSS android app for Lemmy.

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What's your take on his points? I wholeheartedly disagree with him but I don't know how to properly voice why. I wanna hear what you guys have to say.

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I created a google takeout and in that zip file I found some files containing a ton of data about me. It has logged every single page I visited while using the google search engine and chrome browser. It even logged every single time I opened an app on my old android phone. It even has VOICE RECORDINGS of me and a log of every time I used google assistant. This is just some of the data and I'm very sure there is even more data they have.

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uBO has documentation to so called Blocking modes. I myself go even a step further and disable Domain and Inline scripts by default, basically whitelist mode instead of blacklist (about 1/3 of pages work better that way, if you only want to read the fucking text).

Are there matching filter lists who enable scripts/content for respective domains, at least for medium and hard mode? some Webapps like microsofts are a pain to deal with manually, with all their redirects.

Thoughts on Kagi? (lemmy.world)
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I've been using this search engine and I have to say I'm absolutely in love with it.

Search results are great, Google level even. Can't tell you how happy I am after trying multiple privacy oriented engines and always feeling underwhelmed with them.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts on it?

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It seems like the benefits are having the device lock/wipe itself after a set amount of attempts in case of a brute force attack and not having to run software to decrypt the drive on the device you plug it into.

I included a picture of the IronKey Keypad 200 but that's just because it's the first result that came up when I was looking for an example. There seem to be a few other manufacturers and models out there and they probably have different features.

I am curious what do you think of them? Do you think they are useful? Do you find it more a novelty?

It was an ExplainingComputers video titled Very Useful Small Computing Things that made me think of them.

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My niece has an old iphone with no SIM/phone number. Only wifi internet access.

Looking for an app for both of us to be able to chat

She cant chat with me over signal because no phonee number. She chats with the rest of the family over imessage, but i have an android phone

Is there an app available for both android and iphone to let me chat with her?


Edit: willing to self-host for extra privacy. My nieces and nephews are all young children so i definitely want to encourage/educate them to get off corporate controlled communications channels


Does anyone has an idea what happend to the "Anonymous Remailer".

Some years ago, there was an active scene of remailers in order to post anonym into the UseNet or send mails without a sender.

As far as I know, there have even been technical solutions to problems like finding out whether someone is writing something based on traffic. I remember that there were even concepts for a kind of mailing list that worked in principle while respecting privacy.

Has this been developed further?

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Looking for recommendations on how to SMS from a computer, á la Pushbullet or some such. Currently using Google Messages with companion desktop/web app and love the experience, but am on a de-Googling quest and looking for alternatives.

Prefer FOSS options (love the Fossify stuff, for example) but an willing to pay a slight premium if required. Would like solution to be compatible with any web browser and Windows but Linux (Mint) would work, too.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Nymvpn (nymvpn.com)

If this ever gets to the point where I can use this by paying cash for access (and not having to deal with cryptocurrency) I would totally give it a try.

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I was born in 2002 and wasn't really much exposed to the internet until 2012. I saw my older brother and sister watching YouTube on my Dad's laptop in 2007 with a (presumably ethernet) cable, but I'm sure they weren't using dial-up, and I think most people had abandoned it by that time.

Regardless, I was learning a bit recently about how dial-up worked, and saw that it was still possible to set up in modern-day; so it got me wondering what the privacy implications would be if I hypothetically were to use it. I imagine it would be terrible!

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There’s an enormous and largely invisible campaign to use fraudulent notices under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove critical articles from the internet. We don’t know who is running the campaign, but we do know it’s facilitated by Google’s amazingly trustworthy approach to DMCA complaints made by companies that don’t exist.

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