You wouldn't download a chicken tender.


Good thing it was only 8 gigs. But still..

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Sadly i was at that group for piracy purposes . Not the group that is linked though.

EDIT : Sorry if it came off as i am staying there i was just browsing through there for one or two days and it was clean when i joined edited some words so not it's more clear .

EDIT : I just don't know it it is a pedophile group to report them and i am afraid to join and find out .

EDIT : I uploaded the unedited image to remove confusion.

EDIT : Guys i used view chanel option to view the group even though therw are some porn channel links in the group the group itself is clean and memes.etc.

  • Property mgmt company changed without our input

  • New company sent an intro email

  • This came a few days later. The entire email is like this with 11 ads in it.

  • Get in the fucking sea

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I took the onion off and made some garlic bread with the loaf so things turned out okay.

I was looking forward to the BLT though.

Edit: I ordered delivery through GrubHub, so I couldn't see them making the sandwich. I thought it seemed a little light when I took it out of the bag, but the BLTs I've gotten before have always felt light, so I didn't realize.

Also this is c/mildlyinfuriating. It wasn't a huge deal, and GrubHub refunded me for the item, but it was mildly infuriating since I wanted a BLT and someone misunderstood my order.


Not sure if it is like that because I'm in Korea, but on my Samsung S9 Samsung is injecting ads for their new S24 in my notifications. I've had the phone for 5 years and this is the first time I see ads in my phone notifications, unbelievable.


This is infuriating that I continue to get this repeats of nine and more possible hack attempts from the same certain IP addresses blocked by Malwarebytes, which I get popups every time it happens. This is a snapshot from my logs after one has happened, and I also save text file logs of it.

From what I can tell, they appeared to be originating from Linode almost every time and when I tried to file complaints with them, they keep claiming it is a security researcher or something and end up doing nothing about it. I'm currently wondering what to do about this as I have a folder of so many save logs of it on my computer.

The color blurple (lemmy.world)

From a site I've inherited which is full of things like this (and lots of other very !important things). Send help.


I'm pissed that I bought simple gallery pro because it respected my privacy, then because the dev sold his soul for a ton of money, it now rapes my privacy

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I'm a casual eBay user. On rare occasions, I will sell household items when I no longer use them. Well, I went to sell my Nintendo Switch on eBay and found out my account has been restricted indefinitely selling. When I tried chat with the customer service agent, they provided a name of some entity that I don't recognize in relation to my account for the reason for restriction, then refused to help me any further and simply disconnect. What kind of shity service is that? When I was provided an automated option to "appeal", it didn't work when i clicked on it. It didn't do anything. Same with other options. They don't have any other way to appeal on their website from what I can see. So caught off guard and annoyed.

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Getting a bot to spam out 12 posts in a minute is not the way to make me want to engage.


Why even bother having it at all anymore. Can't use it through Bluetooth, it's slow, can't hardly handle any tasks...

Google has completely lost the plot with their services.


A friend sent me the link but I guess I'll have to tell him to send me screenshots in the future.

old.reddit still lets me view it. For now....

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Thankfully I don't use any of their products, but this really pisses me off. They claim that this open source project "causes significant economic harm to their company"

This is ridiculous. It is truly ridiculous. How can something that enables the user to efficiently control their AC cause "significant economic harm"???

Consider forking the repository or mirroring it to another platform like GitLab, Codeberg or your self-hosted Git server, so the project can continue to exist and someone can maybe fork it and maintain it.

The effected repos are: https://github.com/Andre0512/hOn and https://github.com/Andre0512/pyhOn

If you don't know about Home Assistant, check it out. It's an amazing piece of open-source software, that you can run at home on your own server and use it to control your smart home devices. That way, you don't need to connect them to the manufacturer's (probably insecure) cloud. It gives you sovereignty over your smart home instead of some proprietary vendor-locked garbage. Check out their website and the Lemmy community: !homeassistant@lemmy.world

I also highly recommend Louis Rossmann's video about this: https://youtu.be/RcSnd3cyti0

He makes awesome videos in general, consider subscribing.

As Rossmann said, don't ever buy anything from such a shitty company that doesn't respect their customers. This move by Haier is nothing other than a slap in the face for everyone, who just wants to comfortably control the product they paid for. This company is actively hostile towards their paying customers. Fuck these bastards!

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Fucking climate change...

(Apologies for using Freedom Units.)


I am currently studying in college and part of my college course dictates that I most do a work experience placement. I ended being placed in a charity shop. The first couple of days went well. Its a small little shop in a shopping center so there wasn't much for me to do. So they decided that today I'll do some work in the warehouse where they receive their goods.

They gave me the address but they forgot the bus so I ended taking a bus that stopped at a 20 minutes walk away. I got off the bus and tried to find this warehouse with the help of Google maps. It kept constantly telling me to go in different directions for the next 40 minutes. So I was walking around in 0 degrees Celsius weather is just a jumper. I eventually managed to find the correct area but it was in a big industrial park. I went searching around for 40 minutes and it turns out all they had to identify them is like a tiny wooden sign. So I finally got to my placement nearly 2 hours late. They were quite forgiving about it though since apparently that has happened to a few other before.


Also, the location on the LinkedIn job listing was a city nearby, even though I'm over 300 miles from SF. Fuckin' dumb.


Teams also doesn't support multiple "work" accounts, so I had to boot up a laptop to accept the call. 🤷



The survival genre is a crowded one, but if I know anything about gamers it's that they love building bases and fighting hordes of zombies. So who could resist a game that does both?

I don't know about you, but that's NOT my definition of what makes any Fallout game great and I can EASILY resist another tower defense zombie game 🙄

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We have been buying extra strong PG Tips British tea from Amazon because we think American tea is way too weak. 3 boxes of 80 were about $40 last time I bought them a few months ago. They’re now $80. Thankfully we discovered we can get an order of 6 for $60, but we have to wait until mid-February for the to arrive. Meanwhile, a single box of the same tea, which we'll have to get in the mean time, is $20. Yes, a single box is less per box than a 3-count box order, but you still save if you buy 6 boxes. How does any of that make sense?


making me enter a special code and fill out forms and pay for the 'deLuXe' tax software because only that can handle the right forms

i assume other countries do this too. scum apps more like

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