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Why does lmmy.to exist?

To solve the problem of directly linking to Lemmy communities from elsewhere and not having people end up where they can't post.

How can I use it?

Say you want to direct your friends on Mastodon to your favourite Lemmy community !risa@startrek.website. Instead of linking to https://startrek.website/c/risa, you'd link to https://lmmy.to/c/risa@startrek.website. Anyone visiting your link gets redirected to their home server.

Note that, as a security measure, you can only link to instances that Fediverse Observer knows about; lmmy.to pulls a list of known Lemmy servers every hour or so and only redirects to those servers.

Do you own Lemmy?

No-one owns Lemmy; that's the nice thing about having a federated network. All links to lmmy.to contain enough information to manually rewrite them to point to a specific Lemmy server, so having a web server at the other end to do so automatically is just a convenience.

Indeed, if you're authoring a Lemmy frontend or browser extension, feel free to rewrite links to lmmy.to automatically!

Are you snooping on us? How can I tell what info you're gathering?

Well, the source is here.

How can I help?

I'm looking for someone to make the landing page to actually look nice, since I don't have the skills to make it so.

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How would I run this on my computer so I can test edits to the source? I am working on implementing an issue I submitted (and I might also see if I can figure out kbin support as well), and I have tried to run the server using the command python3 lmmy.py, but it does not seem to do anything. I get no command line output, and I can not load the page.


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