Whenever I reload lemmy I can see in the statusbar that it loads many megabytes of data. For mostly text. Why is that?

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I’ve been getting some spam comments (with Images I’d rather not see) and even after blocking the people I still see them in my inbox. I’d rather not.

Should I open a bug report for this or what’s the best way to approach this?

Edit: I’ve opened up an issue here.

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In some posts, I see some comments are highlighted in yellow for no obvious reason that I can figure out. Example post here

It's not just the OP's comments, it's not just all comments, so ???

I haven't seen this before, so maybe this came in the new lemmy 0.19 update?

What does the highlighting mean?


Anyone have an idea why the Previous button would be missing from all pages? I can click Next and it seems to navigate me forward, but there is not Previous button to go back a page. Checked lemmy.world just to verify it wasn't my imagination and indeed the Previous button is still there.

Things I've tried so far that haven't worked:

  • Disable uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and TamperMonkey for lemmy.ml
  • Load website in default Safari and Edge
  • Try a few different themes to make sure it wasn't something with the theme I was using

After a migration to new hardware, I am receiving the following permissions error from Pict-rs.

The old hardware was using 991:991 and I did not catch it until after first run and the problem now persists after a chown -R 991:991 volumes/pictrs.

Can I salvage things? I'm not worried about saving any Pict-rs data, so I'd even go for some guidance as to the possibility of "resetting" Pict-rs.

lem-pictrs  |  Error: 
lem-pictrs  |     0: Error in database
lem-pictrs  |     1: IO error: Permission denied (os error 13)
lem-pictrs  |  
lem-pictrs  |  Location:
lem-pictrs  |     src/repo/sled.rs:84
lem-pictrs  |  
lem-pictrs  |    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ SPANTRACE ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
lem-pictrs  |  
lem-pictrs  |     0: pict_rs::repo::sled::build with path="/mnt/sled-repo" cache_capacity=67108864 export_path="/mnt/exports"
lem-pictrs  |        at src/repo/sled.rs:78
lem-pictrs  |     1: pict_rs::repo::open with config=Sled(Sled { path: "/mnt/sled-repo", cache_capacity: 67108864, export_path: "/mnt/exports" })
lem-pictrs  |        at src/repo.rs:464
lem-pictrs  |  
lem-pictrs  |    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ BACKTRACE ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
lem-pictrs  |    
lem-pictrs  |  
lem-pictrs  |  Run with COLORBT_SHOW_HIDDEN=1 environment variable to disable frame filtering.
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Basically the title.

When I open lemmy.ml it says “posts, subscribed, oredered by new” on top:

But almost none of the posts shown are from my subscribed communities and they’re not ordered by new.

There are even posts from communities shown that I have on my block list.

Any idea how to fix that?

submitted 1 week ago* (last edited 6 days ago) by lemmelurk@lemmy.ml to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

I do not want to block all bots. I only want to block bots from specific instance. More specifically, the @alien.top instance is using most, if not all, bot accounts with random usernames. It uses that instance to post in communities of other instances. I thought about blocking other instances. But the main issue lies with random bot accounts from @alien.top. And I cannot block individually by usernames.

What shall I do to block posts posted by random bot accounts of @alien.top instance?


I looked up potentially affiliated sites connected to that instance and found these.

https://level-up.zone/ (@communick, high post rate)
https://gearhead.town/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://viewfinder.pro/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, medium post rate)
https://netheads.online/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, low post rate)
https://healthy.community/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, low post rate)
https://sfw.community/?dataType=Post&listingType=Local&page=1&sort=New (same admin, no post yet)
https://blockchained.world/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, low post rate)
https://matchpoint.zone/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, low post rate)
https://poweruser.forum/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://hi-fi.community/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, medium post rate)
https://expats.zone/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, medium post rate)
https://nba.space/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://athletic.center/?dataType=Post&listingType=Local&page=1&sort=New (same admin, no post yet)
https://style.land/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://metacritics.zone/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://academy.garden/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, medium post rate)
https://foodie.rehab/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, no post yet)
https://indiehackers.space/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://hardware.watch/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)
https://nfl.community/?dataType=Post&page=1&sort=New (same admin, high post rate)

The instances may be hours to two months old and are run by the same admin. Some have high post rate, while others have no post yet. The ones with posts are all using @alien.top's random bot accounts. I suspect this problem will amplify.


Blocking by instance is finally working. I blocked @alien.top and @hardware.watch. Consider this issue resolved.


I am quite annoyed by one person's posts in one community I'm subscribed to. I could block them but then I might miss their comments or posts in other communities which might not be as annoying.

Is there some kind of filter I could set up to only block their posts in this one community?

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Is your proposal related to a problem?

User score aggregates were removed from the API in 0.19.0 in PR 4089. The justification was that it was psychologically harmful.

I am officially protesting this removal and asking for it to be reconsidered.

Describe the solution you'd like.

Re-enable it at the API level and continue hiding it in Lemmy-UI if that is your personal stance on the matter. Or, make it an option admins/users can disable at the instance/user level (there's already an option to hide scores, so maybe expand on that?).

Other UIs do utilize scores, and it is a useful metric for moderation.

e.g. If I load a user's profile to determine an appropriate mod action, and I see it is a 2 day old account with a combined comment/post score in the deep negative, I really only need to review a couple of submissions to confirm it is a troll account. Not only does that save me precious time, it is also good for my psychological health to not read through all that garbage.

e.g. #2: If someone posts a particularly toxic comment but their score to post/comment count ratio is high, I'm more likely to read through their history and conclude they're having a bad day or something. Without the score, I will not read through and likely just ban them and move on.

Describe alternatives you've considered.

Compile it back in for myself and anyone else who wants it, I guess? 😔

Additional context

Considering how easy it is to spin up troll accounts or amass multiple troll accounts across multiple instances, removing a useful metric for identifying them at a glance is, IMO, irresponsible.

If you don't want people to "game" it or don't like the idea of user scores, then make it optional and disable it on your instance, but don't remove it and impose your preferences on instance admins who want to utilize it.

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I have noticed that some posts on some Lemmy instances created by others have successfully made use of the details/summary tags which gives an arrow that expands.

When I tried it here, the tags are just literally printed. Am I doing something wrong (i.e. stupid user error), or is this functionality instance or version dependent?

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Images aren't loading for me on rc10/rc11. I didn't have this issue on rc8/rc9.

Opening an image in a new tab shows the following response:


Edit: fixed

submitted 1 week ago by AJCxZ0@lemmy.ml to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml
Email or Username: A.J.Caines+Lemmy@example.com
Password: *password123*

Incorrect login credentials


Email or Username: a.j.caines+lemmy@example.com
Password: *password123*

Logged in

While the forty-year-old standard for email specifies the left hand side of the @ as case sensitive, the de facto standard is not treat email addresses as case insensitive - preferably with normalisation handled outside the user interface (by lowering (unless you are Oracle)).

Tested with UI: 0.19.0-rc.9 BE: 0.19.0-rc.8


So, I run my own instance (dandroid.app), and as of about 10 days ago, all outgoing federation stopped working. Incoming federation still seems to work fine. I'm not sure exactly what changed. It was around the time that I set up pihole on my network, but I have since shut down pihole and federation has not resumed. I have tried restarting all the services with docker-compose down and then up. I also tried restarting my server completely.

What debugging steps can I take to figure out where the failure is occuring?

submitted 1 week ago by Dirk@lemmy.ml to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

Since the new version was deployed to lemmy.ml which allows blocking instances I tried to block an instance.

When opening the drop down and enter the name/url of the instance (or even a part of its name) the list is then filled with a seemingly random list of instances but not the instace I searched for.

I tried in a desktop browser (Chrome on Windows) and in a mobile browser (Vivaldi Mobile, which uses Chromium as base), same behavior.

Since I don't use GitHub I report it here.

submitted 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago) by soloActivist@links.hackliberty.org to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

When I visit this post:


the embedded short abstract intro to the article is “403 Blocked www.lecho.be” When I try visiting the link directly I get “403 bot detection”. This suggests that everyone who opens that thread independently visits that webpage by way of some javascript that’s not under the user’s control. If 1000 people open that thread, then 1000 separate fetches are made. That’s a poor design. The server could do that job just once and the results would be more reliable. As opposed to everyone getting different results.

This is also a #privacy #security bug. Someone who opens a thread does not necessarily intend to fetch the linked article. Non-tor users are under surveillance in some countries (e.g. the US, where Trump enacted law s.t. ISPs can collect data on users without consent). So they should have control over what sites they visit. Merely opening a thread is an abuse because it makes users actions instantly trackable. IOW, users share information with their ISP without their knowledge or control.

Note that the example thread shows the full text of the article because the author was diligent about copying it. But that’s not the general case.

#bug #lemmyBug


There are two dead lemmy.ml communities I would like to request. What would be the process in gaining control of the communities? I do have a lemmy.ml account that I occassionally log into if that helps.


I know that Thunder can filter the posts but only limited. It only hides the currently loaded ones and only on button press. You need to do it over and over. Is there an app that does it automatically?


I'm trying to contact a user on lemmy, but can't dm them (it's not clear to me if this is a bug or if dms don't work across instances or software, but either way it's not working). My next workaround would be to ping them in a microblog post, but lemmy doesn't have a microblog section. Would a lemmy user receive a notification about and be able to view a kbin microblog post in which they're mentioned?

submitted 2 weeks ago by spider@lemmy.nz to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

On the other hand, with desktop / iPad only the combined score between upvotes and downvotes is displayed.

This only applies to upvotes and downvotes for posts.

Upvotes and downvotes for comments are displayed across all devices.

submitted 2 weeks ago by jackpot@lemmy.ml to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml



From the !evs@lemmy.world community, some comments can only be seen from lemmy.ml compared to lemmy.world

Is this due to certain users blocking the lemmy.ml instance?

How do i see dms? (sh.itjust.works)

apologies if this is a dump question but how do i see dms that have been marked as read? like i had one that i marked and forgotten to reply to

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I took a 2 month ban from worldnews@lemmy.ml

There was no message to say a ban had been applied. I messaged a mod to say I had trouble posting and asked if there was a ban applied. I got no response.

I eventually spotted there is a modlog, and low and behold it mentions I was banned for 2 months for antisemitism. I have to say I found this appalling.

When I dug further it turns out that I gave a reply to someone asking why the phrase "from the river to the sea" is considered antisemitic. I replied that is considered as referring to the genocide of the Jews in Israel. I gave a newspaper article link that showed a Labour MP who was removed from the party for using the quote.

The comment has been deleted, there was no information given regarding the ban, there is no point of reference to contest the ban. It is crass beyond belief. I am extremely insulted that someone gets to label me antisemitic for something that is very evidently not, and then hide behind an unbreakable barrier.

Edited to remove one sentence. It stated I would leave all Lemmy instances. Context in comments below.

Second edit: I finally got a moderator to respond to this.

from @OurToothbrush@lemmy.ml

You reported antizionism as antisemitism. You did an antisemitism.

Your source to support your claim also relies on antisemitism and the conflating of Jews and Israel.

I guess this is a community to ignore. Thank you for the responses. I will not respond to anymore here.

My response was:

Thank you for your response. Your community your rules. I made a post to try and get my head around this idiocy last night.

I will not use your community again.

EDIT: please update the ban log to reflect this. There is a huge difference between your reasoning and antisemitism.


Hoping to spread the joy to people who haven’t learned…

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My Lemmy instance has reached 100% storage so I can no longer use it. Is there a safe way I can clear cache or make some more space available without upgrading the disk space? I set up the instance with the ansible script many months ago and migrating to object storage seems to be a decent amount of work I don't have to commit to currently.

I tried searching on the admin wiki (https://wiki.lemmyadmin.site) but I couldn't find anything

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