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I understand that modern outer layers are more functional. A leather jacket, for example, can be dressed up or down so as to be worn in a variety of situations. It is also better at keeping you warm.

However, I think capes/cloaks are more aesthetically pleasing garments. It also feels good to have the fabric flowing around you as you walk. But what do you think?

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Interestingly enough, I had a big fear of dogs. I don't really know why because I've never had a traumatic experience with them (thank God I never got bitten).

I also feared being alone, darkness (but not much) and heights. Woah, I was a fearful kid.

Today, well, I only fear those big, aggressive dogs like kangals and rottweilers. As for darkness and loneliness, nah.

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I am looking for scifi novels based on real scientific concepts, but with easy to follow plots and characters.

My English level is proficient in a professional setting, and I have no problem reading academic, medical or scientific articles in English.

I love watching documentaries on BBC, but I sometimes struggle watching dramas and sitcoms without subtitles.

I am mainly trying to find audio books that I can listen to while driving. I am half way through listening to Carl Sagan's Contact on audio, it is great and not too difficult because I've already watched the movie many times.

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I have a lamp connected to a UPS and I was curious about how that influences different lightbulb technologies. In my case it's one of those curly CFL bulbs.


For example:

  • When you open a fresh jar of peanut butter do you only work through one side until it is completely empty then start on the other side?

  • Or when you get those shallow tubs of hummus does it have to make it back home undisturbed? Then one of the baggers at the grocery store shoves it sideways into the bag completely ruining the symmetry.


Is there a way to figure out if they blocked youon Signal if you can still technically message them?

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Indirectly asking for recommendations on what to watch.

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Butterfinger BBs always reminds me of my mother.

She was a single mother; so on her days off she would pick me up from my grandmother's and we would go to a convenience store and get snacks and sodas. (and for some reason she would get a pack of swishers, no ideas why she would want snacks with a cigarillo, especially since she would slice them open)

We'd go back to my uncle's house she was renting a room from, hang out in her bedroom and watch The Simpsons, eat butterfingers, and play Mario World.

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What I mean is how much do you use open-source software on these privacy disrespecting phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, etc).

For example I use these apps on my Redmi 13C: -Floris board as keyboard -Breezy as weather app -VLC, Vanilla and Kodi as media players -Fossify as voice recorder -SimpMusic instead of Spotify -Nekogram (Telegram client) -Organic maps instead of Google Maps -Sealnote notes -Persian calendar as calendar -FDroid as store -Jerboa and Dawn (Reddit client)


All of this is about 10% since I have 100+ apps.


How is everybody holding up lately? I'm trying to see what everyone else is doing to survive this hell hole we call America?

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I prefer not to support Google, so I’ve been using alternative platforms. However, I’ve noticed that the YouTubers I follow have stopped reuploading their videos to these platforms. Has anyone else observed this? What could be the reason behind this change?

Relevant links: Brodie Robertson eBuzz Central Foundation for Econ. Education Upper Echelon Gamers

submitted 1 day ago by otter@lemmy.ca to c/asklemmy@lemmy.world

It might also help to specify details such as

  • where you are in the world
  • what field you work in
  • what stage of your career you're in

For example, I'm in Canada (Vancouver) and I see a lot of LinkedIn + school career pages

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Hi, I think in metric units, so almost everything is some form of a power of 10, like a kilogram is a 1000 grams, etc.

Sometimes I will think of an hour and half as 150 minutes before remembering that it is 90 minutes.

Does something similar happen to imperial units users? Because as far as I understand you don't have obvious patterns that would cause you to make these mistakes, right?


Have you ever tried a recipe that turned out to go horribly wrong, or maybe the end product, despite being good, just wasn't worth the effort? What was that recipe, and what about it made you say "NEVER AGAIN"?

I ask this as I am actively trying to remove the stench of onions from my Instapot lid's silicone ring after making French Onion Soup in it (so far steaming it with white vinegar on the steam setting, soaking the ring in a water/baking soda bath overnight, and baking it at 250 degrees F for 20 minutes have all done nothing, so I ordered a new one, I give up). And I realized that cutting all the onions and waiting hours for them to caramelize and now this damn smell issue just isn't worth it. Plus I still have frozen soup in the freezer because I can only eat French Onion soup so many days in a row.



What are some (non-English) idioms, and what do they mean (both literally and in context)? Odd ones, your favorite ones - any and all are welcome. :)

For example, in English I might call someone a "good egg," meaning they're a nice person. Or, if it's raining heavily, I might say "it's raining cats and dogs."

submitted 2 days ago by Worx@lemmynsfw.com to c/asklemmy@lemmy.world

Let's imagine it's currently Wednesday the 1st. Does "next Saturday" mean Saturday the 4th (the next Saturday to occur) or Saturday the 11th (the Saturday of next week)?


What attributes are important to you?


Are they actually removing a chunk of skin to manage this sorcery?

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So when it comes to politics/news/war i try to burry my head as deep in sand as i can because there is nothing i can do and i guess i just wanna avoid . So can someone explain to me all about it without any bias or give me any links/articles which does that ? I know this has been going on for a long time but i only need the important things and need it all to be readable under an hour.

The reason i am asking now is i now have come to terms after the immolition of aaron bushnell that i can no longer burry my head in the sand and hope for it to go away . also there is some protests going on and i would like to join but i don't wanna join in something i don't understand and would like to make my own views. I visited reddit and they are shitting on aaron and calling him mentally unstable which makes me want to punch them but they make a point he left his daughters behind while i can see the merit in that point one could also argue he is trying to make the world better for them according to his belief anyway the christians are arguing about his soul in there and it makes me wanna vomit so not gonna take anything from that shithole seriously.

I would also like to lbow why usa and russia .etc stand where they stand and they have to gain from it ? Also as i said i would like unbiased as it gets answers and make my own view . Thanks in advance.

PS: spelling as i have typed this in a hurry EDIT :Don't downvote it to hell if you can't be bothered to answer let someone else do it.


So many companies cut their workforce as much as 10-15% citing that those jobs can be fully automated by the use of AI but I am still waiting to see any meaningful price cuts of their products from the said companies, etc.

Otherwise this will mean that they are doing this just to increase their profit margins and please their shareholders and don't care about their customers or workforce.

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Hi everyone!

I am F21. I have a boyfriend (M20). We are in relationship approximately 1 month (before that we was best friends for 7 or even more years).

We have a lot in common an I really love him (and as I know he too).

We started dating as I accidentally saw my photo on his laptop (I already liked him). After asking him what was that he told me that he liked me for a long time and was afraid to tell me that.

As our personalities - we are typical “otaku” (anime nerds), so we always had hanged out together in the past.

Now everything fine, I really like him, but I am bothered about him being trembling every single time I am close. I know for sure that I am the only one he likes to talk (we are both extremely quiet personalities) and we are together 99% of time. And this happens only if I take his hand or hug him.

I don’t want to ask him about this because I afraid he will get ashamed of this.

Should I worry?

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