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"I want to live forever in AI"

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I don't know if others are experiencing a similar situation. My all feed is very sparse with engagement. If I sort top six hours or by top 12 most posts have between 5-10 comments. I feel like there was more in the past? Is engagement dropping off? I'm on as my instance.


US chip giant Nvidia Corp. has struck a deal to acquire Israeli deep learning developer Deci AI, "The Information" reports, according to a person involved in the deal. The report follows hard on the heels of yesterday's official announcement by Nvidia that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Israeli AI infrastructure orchestration and management company Run:ai, for an estimated $680 million.

Deci AI is one of three Israeli companies developing language models - the others being Amnon Shashua's AI21 Labs and Tabnine. Both Run:ai and Deci AI will help Nvidia's customers produce more from the GPUs and AI servers they lease or buy. While Run:ai improves the efficiency of each chip and allows a greater number of applications and workloads to be run on it, Deci "compresses" generative AI language models and allows them to work more efficiently on each Nvidia server.

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House Rules:

5 Sequential Cards high value > 5 Sequential Cards low value > 4 of a kind high value > 4 of a kind low value > 3 of a kind high value> 3 of a kind low value > 2 of a kind high value > 2 of a kind low value

Aces worth more than Kings for pairing, but a sequence of Ace to 5 is a low value sequence

Only Numbers are considered, signs like clubs/spades/hearts/diamond don't count towards pairs.

If you tie then the point pool is split. Everybody starts at 0 and their scores go negative as they play the first round until they win.

Each player ante the entry and is given 5 face down cards of which 3 are revealed immediately. Folding means you lose the entry, staying means you pay an additional amount equal to entry, you can double the bet for this phase (double the entry adding up to triple the initial ante total) and force every player to do the same or fold, and a new card is revealed. This repeats a second time so that all 5 cards are now known to you.

Finally, everyone has their cards revealed to everyone else. Read them and weep.

After Three Rounds the lowest scoring player(s) is eliminated.

If I get a few interested people then I plan to make an interface for it which receives it's cards data from a server. There are no current plans for wagering or prizes, but maybe I'll see what we can do if I get some good feedback.

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A Chinese student in the US has been sentenced to nine months in prison for stalking and threatening a female Chinese student who put up pro-democracy fliers on campus.

The fliers, put up at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in late 2022, read: "We want freedom... We want democracy, we want to love, stand with Chinese people."

In response, Xiaolei Wu said he would "chop [the woman's] hands off".

A federal judge has ordered that the 26-year-old be deported after serving his sentence.

“What Mr. Wu did in weaponising the authoritarian nature of the People’s Republic of China to threaten this woman is incredibly disturbing," said Jodi Cohen, who leads the FBI’s Boston Division that investigated the case.

The pro-democracy fliers were put up in late October 2022 during a wave of activism among Chinese people abroad.


I feel like it’s a common script that most good companies eventually fall to short term focused management types who are happy to shred the company as long as they get their golden parachute.

Why does this seem to be the case? If you wanted to build a company that was more immune to this sort of thing how would you go about it? Examples and counter examples of these sorts of companies would be awesome to hear about.

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Unlock the secrets of game mechanics with our definitive guide! Perfect for beginners. Dive into gaming mastery now!

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Scifiinterfaces analyzes the speculative technology in sci-fi movies and TV shows for fun and erudition.


Pinkish house gecko on white stucco wall.

The house geckos were pretty chill little house guests.

Gravy rule (
Atmosphere rule (
Mega Man Zerule (
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AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'

Screw Spez/Musk too? Aight but if a critical mass flees the spam-ridden husks of reddit/Twitter, the bots will come for us too.

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Ek said Spotify employees were doing too much "work around the work" as he laid off 17% of the group's workforce in December.


Approaching the Unknown, Mark Elijah Rosenberg's film about an astronaut whose Mars journey does not go according to plan, combines old school non-CGI specia...

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Heard that 2 doesn't match with one . Also how's the plot is ir good or that suddenly happened kind with much holes as a swiss cheese ? Are the characters well developed or just i run , screem and do stupid shit kind of 2 dimensional ? Is it filled with cheap jumpscares ? Anyway would i like it if i want a good plot, well developed character and stories and no cheap jumpscares ? Also feel free to share your spoiler less opinions .

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